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Preview: Paradise – The Day of Mercy

"On the Day of Mercy, every slave currently being punished would be given another chance. A slave not allowed to eat would be given food; a slave not allowed to drink would be given, well, SOMETHING, to drink; a slave placed in any form of contraption would be allowed a small break; a slave going through prolonged sleep deprivation would finally be allowed to nap for a few minutes... etc.

This was an insurance policy demanded by the Management after losing a large number of slaves on Paradise Island a few years ago - a policy designed to minimize cost - constantly acquiring new slaves would cancel out the profit of the mines."

Here is a small teaser of the upcoming new chapter of Paradise. Come and witness a new brand of savage cruelty the General is about to unleash upon his miserable slaves!

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Petra, Daddy’s Favorite

Petra has been a very naughty girl. She does all sorts of naughty things. But her daddy loves her very much because she's been doing such a good job pleasing him.

Recovering from Illness


What's worse? A splinter in your finger, causing an infection; a really rough seasonal flu, or a serious case of toothache? Well, how about all three at the same time? Yep. That's exactly what happened last month.

Fortunately, I have survived. Back to work.

Preview – The Basement 2


The horror continues in the second installment of the story of the Valentino Sisters. Witness the unspeakable acts of perversion inflicted upon the helpless girls. In the face of absolutely evil, their innocence shattered; their bodies and souls tainted with shame.

The Cherries – Sketches, Part 01

The school priest's insatiable lust strikes again.

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The Gala – Lauren V.

Throughout the years, our very capable instructors at various facilities have produced many quality slaves. The very best of these slaves are often featured in the annual winter gala for our most prestigious clients' entertainment.


( be continued.)

Website in Maintenance Mode


A good slave needs to be disciplined every once in a while. The same goes with this website. It will be reworked to better serve its purpose. Thank you for your patience.

[EDIT] This round of maintenance didn't exactly achieve its goal, but much knowledge was gained from the experience.

The Tease


"You once said that you will never willingly surrender your virginity to us... how do you feel about that now? Look how swollen your clit has become. This is what happens when you tease it non-stop for three days. We are not going to stop until you beg to become our fuck toy. Now, I ask you, do you wish to submit? We won't ask you again for another three days, so choose your answer wisely..."

"Errrrrrshhhh! Errrrshhhh! Hmmmrrr!"

"What was that? Was that a no? What a stubborn girl. Two more days, it is."