A Tired and Stinky Girl

Heather Pomphrey, a sophomore student from Berkstown University, was a very naughty girl indeed. She enjoyed flirting with strangers, only to mercilessly reject them when they made advances. She enjoyed the disappointed look on their faces. It made her feel good about herself.

But when this stuck-up snowflake pulled the same stunt on Hank, it backfired spectacularly.

From very early on, Hank knew that Heather was in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. Her delicate pussy, once considered  to be out of reach, was forced wide open for Hank's viewing pleasure. Her over-stimulated clit became absurdly engorged. Her plea for mercy was utterly ignored. After several days without shower, her body became a stinky mess -  a far cry from the nice, clean girl wanted by every man on campus.

With Hank's daily verbal abuses, and her endurance pushed to the breaking point, Heather suddenly didn't feel so good about herself anymore.