Alessia Turchin – Sakagami Academy

Situated on the one of the islands of New Caledonia,  Sakagami Advanced Academy greets visitors with pleasant tropical breezes, fresh and exquisite seafood, and the heavenly sights of its many beautiful beaches. These luxuries are, of course, only available to the great patrons of the Trade. The students of the Sakagami Academy are locked away in an underground facility, where they are tied up with their learning, literally.

Meet Alessia Turchin, a well-trained slave girl who's served her master dutifully for over a year.

Alessia was born and raised by a deeply religious family, which, based on our observations, had made her an agreeable girl who finds it difficult to say no to others. This made our "recruitment" process exceptionally easy - a staged chance encounter, a few photos of her house, and a threat on her family members' lives were all that was needed for her to surrender herself to us, body and soul...


It was time for this experienced and obedient little slave girl to begin learning the more advanced techniques, specifically the art of bondage.

In just a few months, Alessia's body will be covered with rope marks and discolorations. With any luck, some of them will become permanent. These bruises will make Alessia an interesting set piece at any party, and this little slave girl would have a proud master.