Ted Owen Comics

Executive Producers: Lesale, Chirutai, Michael Campen, Bryan Cole

Operation Consultant: Bandokin

Story + Art:  Ted Owen
Editor:  Icle

A most sincere thank you goes to all my patrons; without you my creations would not be possible. Thank you all!

How do I access the “bonus content for patrons” section?
The bonus artworks are my way of saying thank you to my patrons at Patreon. You will need a password to access these pages. The passwords are updated monthly and delivered through private messages.

I don't see a lot of stuff here? Where are your other artworks?
This website is still a work-in-progress, meaning a lot of stuff hasn't made their way here yet. Please give it time and you will see a fully-functioning website soon. Thank you for your patience and support!

I see a lot of bad things happening to the women in your comics! Do you endorse violence against women?
I do not endorse violence against women in real life. In fact, I do not endorse violence of any kind against anyone in real life. But just like horror movies and war movies, what I draw are simply fantasies. I do not hate women, but I do fantasize about them going through terrible situations.

What kind of art don't you draw?
I generally avoid guro, scat, loli, furry, incest, amputees, and bestiality.

Are there any of your characters based on real people?
If any of my character is based on or inspired by someone in real life, it is done so with permission and fully disclosed in the descriptions. Otherwise, no.