Happy Valentine’s Day 2019!


For Ariel, an once pure and innocent girl, begging men to have sex with her was an absolutely unthinkable scenario. "Promiscuity has no place in the eyes of the Lord, "she once thought.

All that was changed after Ariel and her sister became part of Roy's ongoing cruel and relentless effort to turn the Valentino sisters into his little fuck toys. To avoid the twisted torture sessions - horrific things Ariel never imagined could be done to a woman's body - Ariel became an obedient slave girl willing to beg for men to fuck her at moment's notice.

Once again, the Valentine's Day is upon us. For this special occasion, Ariel was ready to demonstrate her willingness to be fucked like the slutty whore she had become.

Hapyy Valentines Day 2019, everyone! 🙂