Happy New Year 2024


Happy New Year.
The nightmare continues for the three girls from Andersville.

The poor girl has been wearing the Pilgrim's Waistband for almost a month. The gang would pour jugs of urine down Ariel's throat, then tighten the band and make Ariel vomit it all out. When they run out of piss, they simply collect more from a pig farm nearby.

Inside the intrepid girl's womb are dozens of used condoms, the torn-up panty she was wearing when the gang took her virginity, plenty of cigarette butts, every strand of pubic and armpit hair they have plucked off her body since her capture, and a beer can.

Underneath the Trident MK.5 chastity belt are two large dildos and a urethra rod. All three vibrate constantly and violently. The built-in bio-monitor detects impending orgasm and the battery then delivers a jolt to ruin the poor girl's chance to properly cum.