Angela, Michael-Ann, and Raquel


Protected by a ruthless, tyrannical and militaristic regime, a warlord lived out his wildest and darkest sexual fantasies on a large, remote island in the Indian Ocean.

Through the capable and cunning hands of his agents, many young and beautiful girls were brought to this place to satisfy the warlord's sick and twisted desires.


Angela Murphy - After graduating from high school, Angela worked two part-time jobs in order to help pay off the debt from her father's failed business. She was stern, reliable, and trustworthy, but her caring for others was a weakness that was easily exploited by the warlord.


Michael-Ann (Mika) Kalinowski - A kind girl with a strong sense of justice and basic human decency. Mika's continual refusal to obey the warlord's commands had made her the subject of many unbelievably cruel torture sessions. The warlord seemed wanted to see how far he could push her until she would finally break, mentally and physically.


Raquel Safdie - Taken from a rural village in Turkey, Raquel had become an extremely submissive slave After nearly a year of non-stop abuse. Despite her submissiveness, Raquel hasn't given up hope that one day she would leave the island and see her family again.

Can these three escape from the hands of the ultimate evil of this world? Will they be able to find their way back to the civilized world and expose the terrible crimes happening on Paradise Island?