Paradise Character Concept – New Art Style


The looks for the main characters of Paradise have been updated to keep up with my ever evolving art style.

Original character description below:

Somewhere on a remote, desolate island near the coast of Somalia, an African warlord is living out his wildest sexual fantasies.

Through his capable agents, and supported by a vast network of global slave trade, countless young and beautiful girls have been brought to the island, known as Paradise, to satisfy the warlord's sick and twisted desires.

From left to right:

Angela Murphy
Life was never easy for Angela. After finishing high school, she worked two part-time jobs in order to help pay off the debt from her father's failed business. She was stern, reliable, and trustworthy, but her caring for others was a weakness that was easily exploited by the warlord.

Michael-Ann (Mika) Kalinowski
Mika was a strong-willed girl with a strong sense of justice and basic human decency. Her continual refusal to obey the warlord's commands had made her the subject of many unbelievably cruel torture sessions.

Raquel Safdie
After nearly a year of non-stop abuses, Raquel had become an extremely submissive slave. But she hasn't given up hope that one day she would leave the island and see her family again.