Tier 3 Bonus Artworks

Welcome to the bonus section, and thank you for your support. Here are the bonus illustrations for the patrons. Click on the title of each section to expand the gallery.

Exclusive Comics


...to be continued.

...to be continued.

Bonus Artworks

A special donkey for a special girl.
For the trouble she's caused, Roy's gang will show Katie no mercy.
Sooner or later, her arms will have no strength left.
Roy's gang simply can;t wait to get their hands on Katie. Her punishment will be terrible.
Another lovely slave waiting to be trained.
Katie was the only cop willing to investigate the disappearance of the Valentino sisters.
The heroine that saves the day? No, just another victim.
Don't leave her like this - her breast milk will stain the carpet.
Disgrace and shame has become part of the princess' life.
The school takes the students' well-being very seriously.
Keeping those nipples erect through naughty thoughts alone.
She can't wait for the cane to hit her now erogenous mammaries.
The Lambert sisters had to do terrible things to survive.
A little slave in her cute outfit, ready to please her master's guests.
A Tukki tribal girl and her personalized dildo.
A brave princess would do anything to protect her tribe.
Sheyla has become a very good slave.
Alessandra's training continues.
A better way to play ball.
Lady Seinfeld will soon experience true pleasure.
Serena's dashing new outfit.
Every pound of their young flesh was ours to play with.
A bitch cannot learn obedience without shock and terror.
Her pussy must bite deeply into the rope in order to save her friends.
Maddie and the twins.
The madhouse offers no cure, but more madness.
They are treated like the livestock they are.
The pain and fatigue has made orgasm nearly impossible.
Getting dangerously close to the spot...
Making those big nipples even bigger.
Graciously accepting her master's piss into her bowels.
Effective treatments are often rough.
A thorough cleaning applied to a very dirty pussy.
A tough decision must be made.
Where will the next shock come from?
A wet and horny pussy for the whole world to see.
An interesting way to use the tie.
Dropping her little panty... for a wild and unforgiving night.
Carrying her master's essence wherever she goes.
Emilie and her lesson in pain.
Sophie's tiny panty does nothing to hide her well-developed bush.

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