Hello friends! As you might have noticed, my Patreon page has been temporarily suspended due to their new content policy. In order to get my page reinstated, I need to remove all the “fringe” content from Patreon. I have decided to use this opportunity to make a few changes:

– The bonus content will stay the same but delivered here on the main site.
– All hardcore content will be hosted here on the main site.
– The “fringe” content previously on Patreon will be made available here!

This way, you still get to support the hardcore, extreme stories I truly want to create, including The Cherries and Paradise comics, and you could still get some bonus goodies in return. Meanwhile, the “policy violation” bonus content previously hosted on Patreon will begin making its transition here ASAP. I will also use this chance to polish them a bit more. 🙂

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. And thank you for your support!

As of June 29th, 2017, my Patreon page has been reinstated. All previous content has been removed, and no links to Patreon are allowed on my site. This will, of course, make funding the comics a bit more difficult, but I’m sure I will find some way to manage.

Thank you all for your support, once again!