Rebecca Harper – Cedric Zehren High School

Somewhere in the woods near the historic railroad town of Strasburg, Pennsylvania, sits an unremarkable cabin. This is Cedric Zehren Senior High School, a facility dedicated to the initiation of inexperienced sex slaves.

Introducing our latest student: Rebecca Harper.

Formerly a student from Lampeter-Strasburg High School, Rebecca was described by her classmates as a shy and quiet girl. Rebecca's father, who lived on disability benefits, was an addict and an alcoholic. The Network took advantage of the situation and made contact with Mr. Harper to facilitate Rebecca's becoming a sex slave.

Mere hours after her 18th birthday, Rebecca was sold to us by her own father. Mr. Harper, who was heavily under the influence at the time of the transaction, was willing to part with his daughter for just a few cans of beer.

Named after the first supervisor of District C1, Cedric Zehren School helps owners and institutions IN readying their new acquisitions, bestowing upon them the necessary mental fortitude and physical techniques in a short time.

While most slave owners take great joy in initiating their young slaves, some purchase many slaves at once and find the initial training process overly time-consuming. Cedric Zehren School’s service becomes valuable in such instances.

Unlike most of our slave training facilities, which maintain a semblance to actual high schools, Cedric Zehren School feels more akin to a summer camp due to its smaller student body and less sophisticated curriculum.


Objectification is a vital part of any sex slave initiation. Rebecca must learn that she is no longer human. Rebecca must learn to accept pain and humiliation as the new constant of her existence, while her youthful body fulfills its new and shameful purpose.

This includes getting used to men's semen.


Once a slave girl is placed and restrained inside of these rectangular holes in the ground, the instructors will begin filling it up with their own hot and sticky men-juice. The slave girl will then spend the next few weeks eating, drinking, and smelling men's precious cum.

(In order to achieve the desired quantity, the facility has begun using pig semen as well.)

The latest report indicates that Rebecca's training is going quite well.