More maintenance underway


The website is still being worked on. A lot of codes need to be cleaned up, and a lot of indexing issues need to be sorted out. Once again, thank you for your patience.

I will also be re-uploading some of the older artworks onto the site, with improvements. Stay tuned.

Recovering from Illness


What's worse? A splinter in your finger, causing an infection; a really rough seasonal flu, or a serious case of toothache? Well, how about all three at the same time? Yep. That's exactly what happened last month.

Fortunately, I have survived. Back to work.

Tweaking the website, again…


The main goal this time is to make the navigation more streamlined so it's easier to access everything. You might experience weird glitches here and there while the works are being done.

Thank you for your patience. 🙂

Website in Maintenance Mode


A good slave needs to be disciplined every once in a while. The same goes with this website. It will be reworked to better serve its purpose. Thank you for your patience.

[EDIT] This round of maintenance didn't exactly achieve its goal, but much knowledge was gained from the experience.

Private Messaging System Operational


The private messaging system is now fully operational.

If you need to send a message to a Ted Owen Comics' forum member, go to the profile page of the person by clicking on their name, and to the right of their profile name there is a button that says "send message."

The Forum is now up and running


Ted Owen Comics' very own forum is now fully operational. It will be a good place for everyone to ask questions, share ideas, make suggestions, and maybe get to know each other.

Go check it out.