Madison S. – St. Gabriel’s Senior High School

Welcome to the Sex Slave Schools Monthly Poll. Each month, a student is selected to receive advanced sex slave training. The courses are extremely difficult. No student is expected to pass.

The poll is available to all registered users.

Voting will end on May 11th, 2020. Thank you for your participation!

Which course should Madison receive?

Melissa D. – Gaffney College

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The advanced course for this month is:

Sausage Filling

The amount of time the "beads" will stay inside Melissa will be determined by her master, as well as the manner of its removal... slowly with care if she performs well, or quickly with brutal force if she fails to live up to her master's expectations.

Ioana P. – The Sokol Institute

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The advanced course for this month is:

Brutal Chemistry

"Out there, you are a freak. Your abnormally large areolae brought shame and ridicule to you and your family. Your family made the right decision to send you to us, Ioana."

"Our customers enjoy ogling and fucking freaks of nature such as yourself. Over the next few months, we will further enhance your assets - specifically those ridiculously large nipples of yours..."

Abigail S. – Philippe Saint-Albin School

Our friends in high places ensured that UK government would turn a blind eye while we convert the small town of Altricham into a massive sex slave training compound, and make every local young woman a "student."

Abigail Spencer, the mayor's daughter, will be marched past her home for her father to see the fine work we have done to his precious little girl.

Sarah T. – Fort Hamilton High School

Sex slave Schools Monthly Poll

Fort Hamilton High School

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The course selected for this month is:

Counting Game – Pain Edition.

If Sarah actually passes the class, she will have no pubic hair and technically be in violation of the dress code and must then be punished accordingly.

She will be whipped, ass-fucked, and verbally humiliated daily until her pubic hair’s average length once again reaches satisfactory level.