The Basement – Roy’s funhouse


In 1999, when the citizens of the U.S. became paranoid about the impending doom of Y2K, a construction company in Anderson county, Louisiana decided to make a quick buck by offering to build post-apocalyptic bunkers at a discounted price. They managed to convince a dozen home owners to upgrade their basement into well-supplied, well-fortified shelters.

One of these shelters was built in the middle of Louisiana's swamps, for a man named Roy.

Welcome to The Basement. Let's have a quick tour:

Work Area: Torture instruments require regular maintenance. This is where Roy create and fix various items used to torture and discipline his slaves.

The Glittered Road: A narrow corridor that encircles the perimeter of the basement. The concrete pavement are imbedded with countless glass shards. Slave girls are often forced to crawl on it as a form of punishment.

Living Room: This is where Roy relaxes at the end of the day. Drinking beer, watching TV, torturing and fucking his slaves... Just like any other living room around the world.

Bathroom: An essential area, since this is the place for Roy to relieve himself and maintain his hygiene. With the help of his slaves, of course.

Main Torture Chamber: This is where the majority of the actions take place. Most of the torture porn movies that makes up the majority of Roy's income are produced here.

Computer Room:  Roy's computers are rather unimpressive - three Pentium II based PCs that still runs Windows 95. This is where Roy edit his porn videos and upload them to the dark web.

The Oven: The construction crew thought they were building a sauna. In fact it was an oversized kiln designed time punish the slaves with heat and atmospheric pressure.

The Freezer:Simply an industrial-grade meat locker converted to torture the slaves. The opposite of The Oven. Roy's slave's are often dragged between the two places - the sudden, drastic change of temperature could easily break the spirit of even the most stubborn slaves.

Cockroach Chamber: Named after the tiny enclosure in the middle of the chamber. The enclosure is home to thousands of cockroaches. An escape tunnel here allows Roy to quickly escape should the basement is ever discovered by the police.

The Basement 2 is currently in production. Thank you for your patience.