The Punishment of Katie, part 01


She was the only police officer willing to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Valentino sisters. She was willing to risk her career in order to expose the corruption of Anderson County's police department. Now, she is a captive of Roy's gang. And they are going to torture and humiliate her in the worst ways possible.

The last and only hope for Roy's victims has been snuffed out. Katie will serve as a reminder to all the girls currently suffering at Roy's hand: no one is coming to save them.

The copper head cage is another devious device created by Hank, one of Roy's partners in crime. Having investigated Hank, Katie is well aware of many of Hanks' "artistic" creations. Now, she has the misfortune to experience all of them personally.

One can't help but wonder what would drive Katie completely insane first - the overwhelming heat from the insulation, the unbearable stench of the swine piss, the complete sensory deprivation, the restrictive breathing routine... and finally the humiliation and the knowledge that she will now spend every second in mental and physical agony for the rest of her life?