The Skinny Pony: Valentine’s Day, 2022

The Skinny Pony - Valentine's Day 222
The Skinny Pony - Valentine's Day 222

Happy Valentine's Day. Once again, the Valentino sisters are ready to put on a good show.

As gravity pulled her body downward, the elegant torture device, named Skinny Pony by the gang, dug itself deeper and deeper into Ariel's pussy.

"Sir, please... oh God, I can feel it digging into my pussy! Get me off of this thing, please!" Ariel begged.

"You know what you have to do, Pain Slut. Suckle on your sister's big tits until they begin to lactate, then we might consider letting you off."

"No... I can't, it's wrong. She's my sister..."

"Enjoy the torture, then. But I would reconsider if I were you, before the Pony bust your clit open like a grape! And your dear sister Cow Tits will stand there until you change your mind. Won't you, Cow Tits?

"Yes daddy, this dumb slave wants to please everyone with her ridiculously big tits... this is the only thing this slave is good for." Chelsea answered obediently...