The Valentino Sisters – A New Education

“Gentlemen, please welcome the newest addition to our establishment: the beautiful and charming Valentino Sisters!”

“Born and raised in the small town of Anderson, Pennsylvania, the sisters were discovered by our very own Mr. Roy. They were brought to his personal hideout to serve as his fuck toys against their will. “

“Since then, the sisters have starred in many of Mr. Roy’s torture porn videos, which were immensely popular on the dark web. The sisters were fucked and tortured daily for the amusement of a huge online audience, and made a small fortune for Mr. Roy.

“Now, the sisters will be staying here at the compound  to receive advanced education, and hopefully become better sex slaves to further satisfy Mr. Roy’s ever-expanding sexual needs!”

Ariel “Pain Slut” Valentino
Current Age: 21
Age when captured: 19

Ariel was a student at West Chesterfield University, dual majoring Earth Science and Marine Biology. Instead of filling her head with books, we now fill it with our cum.

In Mr. Roy’s torture porn videos, Ariel would constantly beg Mr. Roy to spare her sister Chelsea from punishments, thus making her always the receiver of the harshest, cruelest forms of torture, earning her the nickname “pain slut” among the dark web community. Mr. Roy’s promotional materials even described Ariel as a “sex freak addicted to pain.”

Chelsea “Cow Tits” Valentino
Current Age: 20
Age when captured: 18

Chelsea was a senior at Anderson High School. An athletic girl, she was a recipient of a sports scholarship from Becker Valley University. Now the only sports she does is fucking.

Among all the slave girls we have received, This girl has perhaps the largest pair of tits. It was no wonder that Mr. Roy would relentlessly ridicule her absurdly large breasts in all of the videos, and it never fail to bring the poor girl to tears. We here at the compound plan to proudly continue this tradition and refer to her only as “Cow Tits,” as Mr. Roy would.

This is a small preview of a much larger project currently under development, based on my early DOFantasy comics The Basement.” It is a collaboration between me and Lesale, a long time supporter and one of the patrons of my artworks. A big thanks goes to Lesale for making this project possible.

Please stay tuned as more updates become available!