The Intrepid Tara Karr – A Good Step-Daughter

“Are you watching this from heaven, mother?”

“Are you seeing what the man you had married is doing to me? Are you seeing what this monster is doing to his step-daughter?”

“He took away all the money I saved for my college tuition, mother. He brought me to his friends and they took turn raping me. For weeks, they whipped me, starved me, fucked me… Once, they almost drowned me with a bucket filled with their piss. Those animals threatened to do much worse things to me if I didn’t become the most obedient sex slave to my so-called step-father. I had to beg him to accept me as his slave, or his friends wouldn’t stop fucking me.”

“His friends would give him new ideas to try on me, and he did. He did that everyday. This is the man you married, mother. This is the monster you thought would take care of me.”

“Tomorrow his friends will come and take me to a Russian cargo ship. They say I will travel the world and get fucked by a hundred different men from differnet countries. They say they have done this many times to other girls but no one has survived the trip because they wouldn’t let the girl sleep at all..”

“If that is true… mother, then maybe I will finally be with you again. Will they let a broken little girl into heaven? Will they accept a filthy little girl like me?”