The Rosenblads: Cover Concept


Here is a new idea for a possible comic project in the future (it's pretty low-priority at the moment, though; I have a lot of things to finish first.)

Ever since General Pon saw the young sisters, he couldn’t get them out of his mind. The General would do anything to lick the sweat off the girls’ youthful bodies. He dreamed of desecrating their sacred chastity with the utmost brutality. He wanted to see tears crawl down their cute, innocent faces. Furthermore, he wanted their tender cheeks to blush from humiliation…

“Arrange a meeting with the Swedish ambassador." said the general. "Tell him that I have a business proposal for Sir Rosenblad. This would be a cultural exchange opportunity, so I suggest that our families also be attending…"

Vera Rosenblad
The oldest of the Rosenblads. An honest and religious girl who wanted to one day become a faithful wife to a good husband and raise children… But instead, she was enslaved. During her stay at the Chungdu Delinquency School, Vera became addicted to an enema laced with an extremely potent aphrodisiac. She would then be properly trained to serve General Pon as a sex slave. She would never set foot on Swedish soil again.

Ericka Rosenblad
A high school senior. Ericka is playful and adventurous, but also strong-willed and stubborn. She actually wanted to take a break from school and spent some time traveling the world before her father asked her and her sisters to accompany him to China.. She will put up quite a fight against her fate. Eventually, she would also be the one that suffered the most, as she became completely broken by the Chinese.

Maya Rosenblad
The youngest of the Rosenblads, Maya was innocent and naïve, and often needed to rely on her sisters’ strength to face the problems at school. She was at a critical stage of her life to overcome her insecurities and became a confident, self-reliant girl. Instead, she would be mentally and physically abused in the worst ways possible.