The Ambassador’s Daughter

Name: Willow Hadfield
Age: 19
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Occupation: Student / Sex Slave

In order to obtain the much-needed rare-earth minerals, The UK Government had established formal diplomatic relations with the Republic of Zamar, a small African nation with a rich and ancient history. As part of the agreement, the ambassador's family was required to establish residency in Zamar.

That's how Willow, a young girl who had never left her own country, arrived here.

Zamarian culture demanded absolute obedience from women. Despite being the daughter of an ambassador, Willow was also required to follow Zamarian traditions and observe many of its rules.

Although hesitant at first, Willow had since become well adapted to the way of life of a very exotic nation.

Quick Facts about the Republic of Zamar:

The laws of Zamaria demand all women between ages 18 to 21 to serve as sex slaves. This is true even for foreigners.

Zamarians consider an oversized clitoris highly attractive;  every sex slave's clitoris is pumped daily to achieve the engorged look.

Women in Zamaria are not allowed to have an orgasm under any circumstance. Since an engorged clitoris would lose its stiffness after an orgasm, it is the primary method used to determine if a slave girl has broken the rule. The majority of a young girl's education is dedicated to orgasm control as a result.

The slave girls are forbidden to enter indoor areas; shelters are a privilege not available to slave girls. They must learn to endure exposure.

Special herbs are used to ensure the slave girls never become pregnant during the service.

Young sex slaves also serve as part-time slave labor, performing tasks ranging from agricultural to industrial nature.

Women between the age of 22 to 27 are required to serve as breeders. Every breeder is required to deliver 6 babies before she can be discharged from service.

A breeder would have sex 20 hours a day, with a different man every 20 minutes.

Zamarian culture considers semen highly beneficial to a baby. This means a breeder continues to have sex even during her pregnancy.

Women between age 28 to 30 serve as full-time slaves assigned to any part of the country that requires labor forces.

A woman with exemplary service records from all three stages will once again become a regular citizen. Otherwise, she faces the aspect of staying as a slave for life. Girls born from a permanent slave's womb will also become permanent slaves themselves in the future.

Having fully embraced the Zamarian culture, Willow was determined to meet all expectations. Her journey as a slave will be documented here in the future. Stay tuned!