Welcome to the Gala

All around the world, young and beautiful girls are vanishing without a trace. This is our doing. This is what is demanded of us. This is how we sustain such well-oiled, well-organized debauchery that exists to serve a very specific group of men with some very specific tastes.

Few suspect a conspiracy. Even fewer acted. These forgotten, unfortunate souls will forever be ours to keep. And they have been put to good use indeed.

Tonight, you are invited to The Gala.


(...to be continued.)

A Horny Little Slut

She simply couldn’t help herself. Now her master is mad at her… How should this disobedient little slave be disciplined? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

The Tease

“Look how swollen your clit has become. This is what happens when you tease it non-stop for three days. We are not going to stop until you beg to become our fuck toy.”

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019!

For this special occasion, Ariel was ready to demonstrate her willingness to be fucked like the slutty whore she had become.

Alessia Turchin – Sakagami Academy

After being a sex slave for two years, Alessia was ready to be introduced to the art of bondage.

Adult Content Warning

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