2020 Updates: Commissions Closed, The Basement 2, Etc.


Hello everyone. It's been a while since I posted an update. Sorry for keeping you all waiting.

Here is what's currently going on:

Commissions Closed

I'm reducing my stress level in order to stay healthy... some of you might have noticed that I get sick a lot, and I'm trying to keep myself as healthy as possible by taking my doctor's advice more seriously.

If you have scheduled an commission with me this year, please email me again so we can work out a new timetable in 2021. Thank you.

The Basement 2

For the remainder of this year, I will be focusing on The Basement 2. Previews coming very soon!

Website Overhaul

I will be overhauling the entire website right after the completion of The Basement 2 project. The website will be rebuilt from the ground up in order to boost its speed.


Thank you! 😀 I look forward to publish my latest artworks and read your comments. I hope you will like the new style!