The Gala – Lauren V.

Throughout the years, our very capable instructors at various facilities have produced many quality slaves. The very best of these slaves are often featured in the annual winter gala for our most prestigious clients' entertainment.


( be continued.)

Website in Maintenance Mode


A good slave needs to be disciplined every once in a while. The same goes with this website. It will be reworked to better serve its purpose. Thank you for your patience.

[EDIT] This round of maintenance didn't exactly achieve its goal, but much knowledge was gained from the experience.

The Tease


"You once said that you will never willingly surrender your virginity to us... how do you feel about that now? Look how swollen your clit has become. This is what happens when you tease it non-stop for three days. We are not going to stop until you beg to become our fuck toy. Now, I ask you, do you wish to submit? We won't ask you again for another three days, so choose your answer wisely..."

"Errrrrrshhhh! Errrrshhhh! Hmmmrrr!"

"What was that? Was that a no? What a stubborn girl. Two more days, it is."

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019!


Born and raised in a strict Catholic household, Ariel never thought she would be begging for sex from complete strangers. "Promiscuity has no place in the eyes of the Lord," she once thought.

All that was changed after Ariel and her sister became Roy's captives and, subsequently, his obedient fuck slaves. She was forced to become Roy's whore, and her pussy was to be shared freely among Roy's friends. Any disobedience meant severe punishment for her and her sister.

Happy Valentines Day 2019, everyone! 🙂

Merry Christmas 2018


If you are one of my patrons, you are probably already familiar with this character that used to be featured in the old bonus artworks - Samantha Yaccarino, also known as Samantha the Milk Slave, makes her return this holiday in a new art style. Never say we didn't give Santa enough milk!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Private Messaging System Operational


The private messaging system is now fully operational.

If you need to send a message to a Ted Owen Comics' forum member, go to the profile page of the person by clicking on their name, and to the right of their profile name there is a button that says "send message."

The Wall of Living Busts


After a hearty breakfast and a big jug of coffee, the general would complete his morning routine by taking his bitches out for a walk at one of his favorite spots on the island.


Thanks to the sophisticated devices created by Dr. Gregory Demidoff, the physician of Paradise Island, these girls could stay immobilized yet relatively healthy for an extended period of time.

The slaves' bodies do expire over time. A steady supply of new slaves was necessary to maintain the aesthetics of the wall.



Who needs an ashtray when you can just put it out on your slave's gorgeous tits? Those tears tell us how grateful she is to be used by her master.

Nothing pleases a slave more than being useful to her master.

The Forum is now up and running


Ted Owen Comics' very own forum is now fully operational. It will be a good place for everyone to ask questions, share ideas, make suggestions, and maybe get to know each other.

Go check it out. 

Maintaining Balance

Father Thed decided to teach Sophie the importance of maintaining balance through a new exercise: Riding a custom Spanish Donkey.